My daughter's barriers to learning are complex and multi-layered:  she does not fit comfortably into any Special Educational Needs category.  The state primary education system could not support her, and the private sphere was largely reluctant to take on such a challenge.  A strong recommendation from a friend brought Colin into our lives.  The bond between Laura and Colin was instant:  a larger than life character, he brought fun, confidence and assurance into her learning environment.

Colin took his time assessing Laura, he assumed nothing, engaged with the whole family to work out teaching methods which would engage Laura’s limited attention, offering much-needed reassurance and support to us all.

Colin saw Laura as an individual whose potential just needed unlocking.  There were no negatives in his methods, but significant positive reinforcement.  Using techniques learnt during his years of experience in the Special Needs field, he employed computer programmes, specialist books, fun, play and a host of other tools to unlock an amazing ability in Laura:  the skills and confidence to write down her thoughts, from what has turned out to be an extraordinary imagination.  

Just listening to their lessons, I can hear the joy that Colin brings to Laura as she loves his teaching. They use subjects that interest Laura as drivers for learning, from her love of skiing, stories of her brother and sister, and tales of her naughty cat, (who sits in on the lessons).  

This approach has transformed a reluctant reader to a child who haunts the local library for more challenging reading material, from a girl who was too afraid to pick up a pen, to a budding artist and author who goes nowhere without paper and a pen.

Colin is sincere and tenacious, he truly believes that he can offer a positive learning experience to any child. This has certainly proved true in our case.  He is reliable, offers comprehensive feedback, is very flexible in the hours he can offer, coordinates with the school and recommends teaching aids to enable positive parental engagement in learning. 

I unreservedly recommend Colin.  

J J – Cheshire.  


Dear Colin,

Just a line to thank you so much for the report you did on ******. Not only did it help us understand her learning needs better - the memory issue made a LOT of sense - it also helped us realise that she wasn't at the right school.

 She was at a lovely school, but our chats made us realise just how clueless they all were on multi-sensory teaching (they need some SEN resource). So, we have taken her out and started her at ************** - modern teaching, multi-sensory and a SEN support structure should she need it. They have your report too and they read it and took it seriously.

So, it's been transformative (and ****** is so much happier, not faced with pages of dry sums but taught maths in a practical way and is thriving).

All the best,


Thank you Colin for your support with my studies at University. You not only helped me with my dyslexia problems, you have lifted my spirits, and I now have the confidence to complete my studies and to graduate. I cannot thank you enough. XXXXXXX  Lxxxxxxxx Hxxxx University   


Colin is a very effective support worker and mentor. His practical support and focussed advice gave me the confidence to press on during some very difficult times during my first year of university study. I am now in my third year and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Colin, xxxxxx, University of Mxxxxxxxxx.